Swimming Pool Inspections


Pleasant Valley Pools performs complete inspections of swimming pools, spas, and all related equipment. If you are buying a home, You need an expert in pool construction, repair and maintenance to do a complete inspection and test all of the equipment and functionality.


Cost of inspection- $145

You'll get the whole story with a comprehensive inspection report that details every part of the inspection, and lists all deficiencies and related industry average cost to repair or remedy the problem.

You also get a life-expectancy estimate on major components such as the pump, filter, plaster, etc.

Most swimming pool inspections are completed same day or within 24 hours.

Don’t be unpleasantly surprised after you buy a home. If you want to know what you're getting and what to expect, trust Pleasant Valley Pools.

Call (623) 866 2333 to request a comprehensive swimming pool inspection.

When Your swimming Pool Inspection is completed, You have the following payment options:

* Our Inspector will accept a check or cash at the residence during the inspection.

* Or You can use the Free and Secure PAYPAL option below to pay by credit or debit Card. Payment is required before report is sent.

(Please don't pay with the button below unless you have called first and scheduled your inspection)