swimming pool pricing

Our Swimming Pool Special- a highly upgraded, affordable pool at $26,900

Choose any pre-designed model and you get:

      •  Size- up to 80 perimeter feet (340 Sqft), up to 60" deep, up to 225 Sq ft of deck

      •  All of the upgraded equipment listed on the pool specials page.

     Placement of structure/equipment: (distance between points)

    Allowance (included)    from pump to:      If extra distance, add:

      • 75 ft-                 main breaker panel        FREE

      • 40 ft-                nearest edge of pool      FREE

      • 50 ft-                   underwater light         FREE

      • All piping, Sch40 Plastics. (returns, drains, etc) best available, full sized.

      • 6ft access to backyard. If Small excavator needed, Extra charges may apply.

      • Standard engineering and permits are included in the base price.     

All loveseats, umbrella inserts, are also included. Click on the tab "pool specials" for more info.

What you won't get- A pressure salesperson. Pleasant Valley Pools does not employ sales people, pay commisions, or pay for expensive show room floors on major blvds.

The owner/contractor of Pleasant Valley Pools will meet you at your home to help you decide what's best. He has no interest in upselling your pool or increasing the price with gimicks, tricks and pressure sales tactics. Other companies offer "buy it today at a discount and we'll throw in this free gadget, but tommorow, won't be able to offer you the special deal".  Don't fall for it. They want you to sign before you have a chance to look at other offers, you'll get Shafta'd.

Instead, he will show you an actual completed pool in your area, and give you plenty of time to research and decide, and we will be with you through completion.


Custom swimming pools- start with the "Pool Special" price and increase per line item added.

Please call us for the details on options and pricing. We will give you a friendly quote that's easy to understand.

We're here to answer all your questions, so you can decide what is best for your needs.


Thank you for considering building a swimming pool with Pleasant Valley Pools. (623) 866-2333


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