Our new pool warranty to the original owner is as follows:


  • Pool Structure- Lifetime warranty against cracking, rusting or structural failure not caused by collateral damage or act of nature (earthquake, etc).
  • Pool Surface- 12 years plaster, 15 years pebble, against failure not caused by abuse, neglect, or abandonment of proper chemistry, or act of nature.
  • Pool equipment- Per equipment manufacturer warranty (OEM warranty). We also guarantee proper installation and cover labor during warranty period.
  • Plumbing, electrical, and water supply- lifetime warranty against failure not caused by collateral damage or act of nature.
  • Deck- Pleasant Valley Pools no longer offers concrete decks with cool-decking. On pavers- Surface is not guaranteed against normal wear and tear, buckling.


Pleasant Valley Pools DOES NOT warranty any natural materials like boulders, stones, granite, rocks, stacked or manufactured ledger stone,

against weather related fading, erosion, staining, cracking, breakage, or deposits from hard water.


A complete description of the Warranty is available by request. Please contact us today for a copy.