Pool Build-out Timeline


Current Real-Estate conditions have caused an explosion in new pool construction. AND.....

Lack of productivity in Covid-panicked states where much of our raw materials and products are produced, has created a lack of supply.

Also...There is a serious shortage of shotcrete crews with valuable experience, and these crews are experiencing difficulty getting mudd from local

concrete plants for several reasons including contractual obligations to deliver to several large commercial and government projects in the area, and

a lack of delivery drivers. We apologize for the lengthy delays in getting your pool "cemented" in.




Each and every pool builder in phoenix is finding it very difficult to secure dig times, competent shotcrete crews, and qualified plumbers with the experience to make your pool function it's best.

As a result, Start times, and completion dates are way off the chart with all builders. And it's nothing we can control or fix. There are simply not enough experienced people in the phoenix area to keep up with the pace of construction.

On behalf of all pool builders in the valley, We apologize and are working our hardest to hire and train good people to serve the needs of this booming industry.


SO, WHAT CAN Pleasant Valley Pools do to serve you better?

We are accepting a limited number of contracts per month. Over-selling our capabilities is not a plan for growth or positive reputation. Therefore many are being turned away- only out of respect for our current customers. We sincerely hope this will not continue for too long, and conditions in the industry will improve.


We pool builders in Arizona ask you to be aware of the challenges we face, and understand that we are doing all we can to grow and catch up.

We all appreciate your business, and your understanding and patience.