Pool Plumbing Service


Attn: Owner/Builders and Contractors


Pleasant Valley Pools has in-house plumbing crews available for owner builders and other pool builders. With over 20 years experience planning, engineering, and laying out plumbing designs, our team understands how important it is to place the plumbing components in exactly the right position for maximum efficiency and effective cleaning potential. Your above ground plumbing matrix will not look like an out-of-control jungle gym. We focus on neatly organized, logical, small footprint plumbing. Every option from in-ground cleaning systems, to salt cells, and from multiple valves for several different water-features, to future heater or heat-pump stubs, and bypasses.

See an actual plumbing plan (below) of a typical simplified pool build with no extras added. Notice the wind direction, the positioning of jets to maximize skimmer function. Every pool is different, so trust someone to design it accordingly. All you need to know is We will do it right. Call us for a quote.

pool plumbing diagram

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